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Jag is a sly talker and streetwise character inspired by Carol Gibson and will feature in the upcoming futuristic fiction series “Matador’s Edge” here! Go to Adventures!
I do not give up easily! This is true of many of my favorite characters whether they are those that I strongly relate to from the movies such as the honest Mr. Smith (no not the actor Will Smith, although I do respect his humour) from Mr.Smith Goes to Washington or characters like Jag (based on a role playing game) a poor but courgeous women struggling to find her lost daughter in a future full of deadly con artists and crafty information spies or most of all, the real life cancer survivor that inspired to create such a complex and colorful character. These are the types of characters that I admire the most for their ability to overcome flaws within themselves, their society, and the obstacles in their way towards their own individual pursuit of happiness and purpose. Of course, that is ‘life’. It is the climbing out of dark corners and standing out from the shadows. I recently started to overcome such a shadow in my own life as my wife died in late November last year just after her favorite holiday - Thanksgiving. And similar to Jag’s experience I felt I lost the one person that I would want back in my life but rationally the only thing (besides admitting myself and seaching heaven) is struggling to find the pieces of her left behind here in this world! So, now too I must come out of the darkness and back into the light. I know it is a theme in many stories and in fact a theme that I have always somehow been fascinated with. Only this time what I once thought as fiction has become my own reality! Truthly, I never saw this coming. I have a quest! So, once more I have to face the pursuit! I know that one aspect of this is that my wife would want me to continue my writing so besides my attempts of educating and caring for my viewers, friends, and family there will be a change, more of a shift in emphasis in all my Prismhawk Network of sites and blogs towards creating a writers and artist platform. My smartist solution that I hope you will understand.           As promised I finally added my first story for free download, In Our Own Image. It seems tailor made for what I described above but actually the story’s origin was many years back while I was in college. This story was also presented in parts at Earth Reveal. Also, I hope you enjoy the much cleaner and faster viewer experience here. The theme and features also match the idea of a spectrum of light pulsing out of the darkness. This includes new photos, and neon rendered computer graphics!
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